Not sure anymore.

So I am almost 22 married and even been living together since we were 18. My mom is 44 yrs old. I was pushed onto my grandma at age 7 that's when my parents divorced, my dad got remarried 2 other times been divorced 2 times, hes a workaholic so he don't come around. Only calls once a month, my mom is a recovering cocaine addict. She says she's like 6 years clean. She's been with a guy for 15 years that beats her, disrespects her, down grades her, call her names he got her into coke and he still does it. He also got her into drinking every night. She works from 10:30am to 5pm. They she goes home and drinks till bedtime. Which is about 8 or 9pm. And when she gets drinking she comes a bitch and takes my personal life. Like how my husband works 60 hours a week and how I only work 15 to 20 hrs. And how I'm so lazy. But is the sweetest person. So she dissappeared from my life when I was 8 till I was 16 and then she sent me a card at 16 and we got back in touch and everything was fine till like a year ago her drinking got worse and she became worse. She also smokes pot. Which is even as bad. So this week she cancelled on plans 4 times and never called me back after 5 times in that week. She'd say I'll call you right back. I call her back an hr later she doesn't answer. She was suppose to spend the night here at my house last night but texts me 2 hours before saying she couldn't come. So that was the last straw. I told her to leave me alone. To fuck off, and go to hell. I can't deal with the smoking 2 packs a day, the pot, or drinking every night, and her attitudes. So I told her I was done. And I deleted her off Facebook and blocked her from my phone. She hasn't tried contacting me. I'm fed up. She's always gonna be the drunk and junkie I've always known. Leaving your kids for a woman beater, and a junkie. Thays a wonderful mother. Advice on this situation. No rude comments please. I had to do what I had to do for my family.