Period due 1/10. Your opinion on Digital Clearblue?

Kristen • -Mommy of a 4 year old & 2 angel babies💜-Expecting my Rainbow in March 2017!

My period is due today, hasn't shown! The past 3 days I've been taking pregnancy tests because I just FEEL pregnant. (As odd as it sounds) The first day, I got a negative First Response Early Response, and a VERY faint cheapo, the next day, another faint cheapo. And then a very faint FRER. Today? A cheapo that had a faint line but not near as faint as the others. (I had to squint to see the others) I can't believe this, I may actually be pregnant. I'm continuing to pray for a darker positive and a healthy pregnancy!

Now here's my question, would a Digital Clearblue turn up as negative with the fact that all of my others are EXTREMELY faint, since they require more HcG? I'm being patient of course, but I'm so ready to tell my hubby about our Rainbow Baby if I'm pregnant. Praying for my BFP soon, since January 11th is my birthday!!! 💜