Little sister getting married

Stephanie • Mom of 4 kiddos, 1 boy & 3 girls (a set of twins in there) with #5 due in June 2016.
I'm due 2 days after her wedding.
Long story short, pregnancy was an accident. Before getting pregnant my sister asked me to be her Matron of Honor. I was/am so excited. My dumbass got knocked up and now I'm due 2 days after her wedding date. I'm frustrated and stressed out hoping I can be there for my sister as she has never asked for anything of me and I want to be there on her wedding day. The bridesmaid dress she choose is not only made for skinny people but also gives no comfortable room for belly expansion. I'm trying to figure that out now. She called today and asked if it would be ok if my brothers girlfriend purchased a dress and was available to be a back up bridesmaid and her friend would be a back up maid of honor in case I couldn't be there. I'm glad she has a back up plan but I'm heart broken I might not get to be there.