A man I love has child on the way 😞

Long story short. My ex left me heart broken year ago because he was tired of the way I acted, met another women during our break up & now she is pregnant. Before finding out she was pregnant me & him had started back dealing with each other, & he had planned on leaving her but that's when he found out she was Prego. This hurts so bad knowing he has a child on the way & we had always talked about starting a family when we were together. As much as I still love him after everything I know it will never work because of this child. Every time I think about it I get angry that he did this to me and sad. Has anyone went through this & how did you get through it ??? I'm so hurt and all I keep thinking is how he's about to have a family with someone else. I just wish someone knew how I felt, Somone you still love having a child with someone else & it's nothing Β you can do πŸ˜” he told me plenty of times it wasn't on purpose but I don't believe itΒ