Anyone have insight?

Amy • Married cat lady and mommy to Charlotte Rey 💖
I stopped BC in October. Had a period and then a perfectly normal cycle followed by a normal period. TTC in December by using OPKs and AF was due 12/26. However, it hasn't shown up yet. I am now two weeks, one day late. Every test I take is a BFN. I have been feeling very fatigued for the last few weeks. Backaches almost every day. Waves of nausea come and go. Headaches every single day just about. And tonight I started having dizziness and am super unreasonably emotional. I plan to have blood work done in the morning but I've been trying to hold out that AF would finally arrive. Anyone else in the same boat or has been? I really just needed to vent 😔 hope you ladies are having a better evening than I am. ❤️