Tell your parents everything or keep it a secret .

Mia • i'm 17 years old , i use this app to communicate with other females who can relate to me , and track my period .
Me and my mom have a bond that most people would not understand , but it's weird asf because me and my mom do not get along AT ALL . I'm 16 and I come to my mother about everything that happens in my relationship sexually , mentally , and more . I don't hide anything from her when it comes to Sex . I told her about my first time for everything which recently just happened when I turned 16 , because before 16 I had never even seen a penis . 😭😭 but now I feel like the more I tell her stuff the less she trust me , but she doesn't really punish me for anything that I have done .. She says "a teen is going to do what they do anyways but I am disappointed in you" do you think I should have kept everything a secret or it was worth losing trust .