Spicy food🙊🔥

Shonise • I'm 25 years old. I have a 3yr old daughter and a 9yr old son. I'm happily engaged as well! Nd now pregnant with my 3rd!

Spicy pasta salad i had for my bby shower help me went into labor with my daughter. I ate some round like midnight but i didnt knew it was gone bring on contractions until 3hrs later i was having contractions. I went to l/d. I wasnt dilated enough. They gave me a shot sent me home. later that morning i still was having them up til the next day. I waited till like two hrs togo bk to l/d. My mom was yelling at me like if you dont get up and lets go, cause i was laying across her bed. Lol

I finally went. Was dilated to a 3 when i got there so they kept me plus because i was in paaiinn. Buuttt after that i started dilating so quick until i didnt even have a chance toget the epidural with her and omg that pain is not a joke. I had a hard time. With my 9yr old son i was induced so i was good with meds but anywho She was 8lb 4oz 19 inches. Shes 4yrs old now. But im 35+3 with my 2nd baby boy now i hope i will be able toget pain meds and plus have a easy delivery! Mommys shld try it if you love spicy food!