Cramping pains. FTM week 34 EDD 21,Feb

Quinette • Queen
Ok yesterday I begin having pain different from normal. Normally I experience what I assume is Braxton hicks. A little stomach tightening but goes away if I switch positions. Yesterday it was more like bad period cramps that left my stomach consistently tight and even now tender to the touch. Every kick lo make is hellish. They pain comes for a few sucky minutes now instead of seconds. I tried laying, standing or walking to make it pass depending on what position I was in when it started. Eventually I got in the tub, warm bath with bath salts. It didn't stop it but it was relieving somewhat. One particular hour I had at least three come and go. First time I was able to walk around till it passed. Second time I was talking to my SO and the pain cut me off. Third time I was leaving the bath room and it literally folded me to my knees. In a different hour it just took my breath away. I don't know what contractions feel like. My pains are exclusively in my stomach. Mostly lower area. They don't go into my back like I've read. I don't think I feel pressure but not sure what that suppose to feel like. To me the pain is like LO wants to rip through my stomach like the strange dream I had two nights ago. I just got out the military almost a month ago. I haven't had prenatal care since I wad 24 weeks. So I don't have a doctor to call for answers. I've tried the VA still waiting for answer on application. But finally have tricare under husband since two days ago. Just no doctor yet have to call today. Anyway I really don't want to go the emergency room and have them tell me nothing wrong. So can someone tell me if it's normal this far into pregnancy or an emergency. I'm still in pain. Just laying here in bed. Trying not to move much. Also i haven't lost my mucus plug nor have water broke.