Baby's here

Water broke around 2:45 on the 10th progressed really well all day but was having really bad back labor. Was given the epidural and potocin if that's how it's spelled. Got to a 9 and didn't go any further and found out my pelvis is too small to have her so I went in for a c section everything went well but she did swallow some poo and they got it right out and now doing test to make sure she doesn't get an infection! I guess I was bleeding a little more than normal but have it under control now. I'm a Ftm and so in love already I had her on the 10th at 8:33pm 7lbs 4ozs 21 1/4in long. Mommy and Adalynn Jayde Grubbs💝 and full head of hair and no heart burn at all during pregnancy