Please comment :(

Hi Ladies.

Some advice/support would be greatly appreciated. I had a Blighted ovum last March and have just found out I am expecting. According to LMP I am 5 weeks just. I have longer cycles since my Mc...about 33 days. But I can pretty much pinpoint when I conceived so 5 weeks sounds about right. 3 from fertilization. 2 from implantation and so on so forth. My GP is on sick leave at the moment and I'm beside myself waiting on blood results and then at the same time not wanting them!!!! Im a bit of an obsessesd mess today and cant stop doing HPT. But I'm worried my line isn't dark enough for 5 weeks and also I keep getting 1-2 on clear blue digital. I have an increased fluid intake as I've been sick but I dunno .... Should I calm myself down!? Am I freaked for no reason xxx