Favorite Old Romantic Movie

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Everytime I get asked what is my favorite romantic movie and I do not respond with the Notebook, A Walk to Remember, Titanic , or Romeo & Juliet I always either get 😱 or 😒🖕🏽. 
A Walk to Remember was the first one I ever saw and it was cute. The acting was good and the storyline got me hooked. I rooted for them to be together at the end and of course it happened. However, I never wanted to rewatch it so I do not 
understand the hype over this movie.
Titanic, of course I learned about the history of it in school and I did watch some of it before learning about it but never the whole movie. Well after I knew the history of the Titanic I had to watch all of the film. Which I did in class and it left me in speechless with tears rolling down my cheeks. Years later I am still upset that Jack died because apperently they could not take turns on the broken piece of the boat. Which I still claim they could have even though scientists have "proven" it was impossible. I will still believe. However, I would never call this my favorite romantic movie. Sorry Leonardo I still love you though. 😍
The Notebook, I had never watched the movie until I was sixteen and already in the first seven mintues I predicted what the whole movie was about. Which made it boring but I did finish watching it. I will admit it was a beautiful little story...the way he asked her out was hilarious. Yet, I would never rewatch it fully and I can understand the hype for this one. However, I think it's because I predicted the whole movie that makes it not even in my top 5. 
I will say this though I absolutely love watching Rachel McAdmas act especially as the love interest. She plays those roles so beautifully and it is just perfect. 
Endless Love ---
I have watched the remake of it and loved it! The leading actress, Gabriella Wilde, I have not seen a beautiful blonde woman like that in a  long time. The way she played her role was also a job well done. The storyline was like almost like every other cliché movie however I think the way the director told the story and how actors and actresses played their characters made the film wonderful. Sadly, I have not seen the old film which the leading lady was Brooke Shields. Hopefully I will be able to find the full film. Anyway, this still is not my favorite romantic movie. 
Do I really have to give a review for Romeo & Juliet? Almost everyone has heard or was taught their tragic love story. Okay, I will say this the best film to me is the 1968 film and the acting you can sit through it. The 1966 film is okay if you are into ballet and such. The film of 1954 I just can not deal with the level of acting. 😂 The 1996 film starring Leonardo was just terrible and he should have never did that movie. Sorry baby! 😚
My favorite romanctic film is 
The Vow which just so happens to be a true story about the Carpenter family. When I heard Rachel McAdmas was play the lead actress of course I had to see it and Channing Tatum was just a bonus. Haha. 

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