Telling someone they can't be in the room during delivery?

During active labor I only want my husband in the room, but I've told my mom and my best friend they can come and go anytime before that. However I cannot stand my mother-in-law or sister-in-law. If I'm in any sort of pain I'd just rather not have them around. My husband is fine with it. He knows how I feel about them and is supportive of what I want during labor. The last time I saw my MIL she asked me about being in the delivery room and I just played it off as I hadn't decided who would be there yet. I'm getting closer to my due date every week, so I'm eventually going to have to tell her she's not coming near me period. I'm just not sure how to approach this with out upsetting that side of the family. I'm a very brutally honest person and I have no filter but I don't want my husband or father-in-law upset xD any advice would be great and sorry for the novel!