Advice on medical insecurities.

I got diagnosed with Occupational Contact Dermatitis three years ago. Basically what it is, is my hands get itchy and red with little tiny blisters. It's not super bad, just like three or four fingers on each hand break out bad during the winter months because it's so dry. Anyway. 
My ex of two years now used to make me feel so insecure. Saying it was from touching dirty penises and it was a form of an STI. It's clearly not. But he told everyone and when he introduced me to people he'd say "don't let her touch you unless you want dirty dick on you". He just made me so self conscious. 
Now my current boyfriend dosent understand why I feel bad about it, and don't want to go out. I mean how would you feel having blisters on your hands and red, flakey skin. Not great. He gets angry because he dosent like me feeling insecure about my body. Is there any advice anyone can give on how to feel less bad about this? I just don't even want to be around people wen they get so bad.