why wouldn't you wash clothes?

Jennifer • due date was feb. 22nd 2016. arrived on her own feb.19th 2016

first let me say I understand everyone has their own preferences and opinions, and no one is a bad parent for washing or not. but after going thru everything I got at my shower and getting it organized I noticed some new reasons for washing.

I have always said wash and not because I'm paranoid but because I have worked retail for 5 years, also shop alot and have good observation, do yall know how many people have touched the clothes with their dirty hands? people sneeze and cough without covering or without washing or using hand sanitizer and touch the clothes. the clothes and toys also hit the floor and who knows how long they're there before an employee notices and picks it up, people step on it with their nasty shoes that could have touched dog crap for all we know.

and then returns! alot of stuff is returned with tags so you don't know if an item was returned or not and if it was you don't know where it's been, like around cigarette smoke, or animals, the smoke is obviously not good but the animal thing your baby could have an allergy and you don't know it yet.

now those are the reasons I always thought you should wash before I started going through my baby shower gifts yesterday and noticed some other reasons.

here's more reasons I think we should be washing.

chemicals and dyes! someone has mentioned chemicals on the material on another person's post on asking if they should or not. and they had a good point!

I opened a brand new box never opened that I bought myself, it contained a head band thing with a bow and matching socks, it smelt so bad! it didn't have the nice new smell of clothes, it had the smell on the chemicals and dyes or what ever the manufacture uses on them! I had multiple items that smelt bad like that.

next reason, I was reading the tags of little things like blankets, stuffed animals, security blankets, and every one of them said wash before using! if a label tells you to wash something first then it probably has good reasons too.

so please consider all of this before saying no I'm not washing, and remember babies will put anything in their mouth!

and I'm not saying wash the stroller, wash the entire play pen, wash the car seat. I'm saying wash the simple things, when a baby is the car seat or stroller they'll be clothed (I hope anyway lol) so it's less skin contact. I'm just talking about the stuff that has direct contact. and these are just my opinions and observations everyone can do what they want I'm just trying to point out some things that should be considered incase some people never realized or noticed.

and I'm not saying wash everything right away, If you got a ton of stuff you may not use it all so just wash a few new born clothes until you know it will fit (incase you have a big baby) or wash a handful of things here and there as you go so if you want you can probably return the xtras.

and I'm not trying to be rude or bash anyone so please don't take any of this the wrong way or bash me. I just don't understand why no one would want to wash first. and good luck to all you mommas!! : )