Never watching friends dogs again!

Ashley • I have been married for two years. We both have kids from previous relationships. We have been TTC for two years now. Ive had 6 miscarriages.. Im about ready to give up
On Christmas day our friends came over and had asked to watch their pitbull for them. My husband and his friend are both truck drivers. Rick our friend can't have pets in his truck. Husband and I talked about it that I would watch the pitbull. Now we had 4 dogs 2 husky dogs, rot mix and a 2 month old husky pup. My husband took our 2 adult huskies with him. It was cold and I let the pitbull in the house for the night, everything went smoothly until next morning. I feed dogs and I had to keep pup away while the pit ate. They were done so I went to bathroom and not even in 5 minutes my puppy was screaming. The pit had broken my puppy's jaw and her tongue was ripped in half. Rushed puppy to vet and I had to spend 40 bucks to put my dog down. I called ricks girlfriend to come get the dog. They said Oreo had never been mean in his life, so they ended up putting him down. About 3 weeks later found out that Rick was being mean to the dog and he was making the dog bite people. I told rick that he was gonna have to pay me back the 40 bucks that I had to use to put my puppy down. Which I thought was fair. Now they are voiding phone calls and blocked me on Facebook. Now, I have talked to the cops and I can take them to court. With all that said what would you guys do? Take them to court or forget the whole thing?