Super long, I just need advice/ someone to talk to...


This is going to be long...but it's a long interesting, heartbreaking and confusing story parents.

When I was younger, we had the picture perfect family. Wake up together, eat breakfast, play games in the yard, church every Sunday and wednesday...we were all happy...well, in 4th grade I had alot of trouble with bullying to where I would just come home and in 5th grade, my mom started homeschooling me and my brother who was in kindergarden at this point...this is where things started getting tough...

My dad worked all day, my mom stayed at home and schooled us. She would get so mad and frustrated when we wouldn't understand the point to where she would hit my brother over and over, and one time, so hard it knocked him out of the chair. I begged him to tell my dad and show the handprints on his back, and he never would. I finally just got my dad in the same room and pulled his shirt up and showed him...of course he said we couldn't be home schooled any longer, and at this point I was going into 8th and my brother into 4th...I went to school, and my brother chose to stay home until 6th.

My parents argued, mom would beat my dad on his chest and back as hard as she could, yell scream, stomp her feet, slap her hands...and my dad never raised his voice. Ever. He would wrap his arms around her until she stopped and just campy say, "it's ok, calm's love you".

My mom won't let you walk away from an argument. When you are to the point that you feel sick and try to get away, she follows...many times that I have rather been dead than listen to her anymore...

So right after my 19th birthday, I ran away from home with my husband of 4 years now...since, my dad continued to get the same treatment as before...but stayed calm. He told her he wanted to seperate about 6 years ago, and slept with another woman, my mom begged him to come back, and he did.

Monday of last week, my dad called me crying and said mama had left him. I calmed him down and told him everything would be ok, just let things cool off. An hour later, he called again saying the police were at their house escorting him out and taking all of his firearms. My mom had served him with a domestic violence restraining order.

My husband and I rushed over to help him pack, and now he is living in a hotel. My mom claims. That he has repeatedly raped, and beat her. However, my mom is 4'9" and weighs only 85lbs, and bruises easily. She wears tank tops and sleeveless dresses and never shows one bruise. She has told me stories...that have changed drastically, each time they are told. She has opened a joint account with my brother and taken 20k out of their bank account that had only 22k. Accused my husband and I of "plotting against her", and told us that we were going to jail for communicating and helping my dad. But still text me everyday asking me to talk to her and tells me she loves me.

My dad was able to borrow money and hire an attorney...which contacted me to testify to help the charges be dropped on my dad. So he won't lose his job...which he has been working since he was 14, my mom or 21 year old married brother has never supported them self or had a job. The court date is tomorrow....and I am terrified. It makes me so sick to think about both of my parents sitting in front of me, and their future dependent on what I say. I want to have a relationship with my parents, but if my mom is lying, which I feel is the case...I don't know how I will ever face her again. And I feel so bad for not talking to my dad like I have talked to my mom in the past. I'm just lost...if you are still with me, thank you for taking the time to read this...any uplifting words or advice would be appreciated.