Settling for less?

I recently graduated from a community college where I met my boyfriend that I've been with for about a year and 4 months. The college is about an hour and a half away from where I'm originally from. After graduating I decided I wanted to transfer to a bigger school and continue my education. My boyfriend is a year younger than me so he still goes to the community college where we met. We both want to keep our relationship going because we love each other. We're only about an hour and 45 mins away from each other now and I hate it because we use to see each other everyday all day. And I do mean all day everyday. But about a year ago when we first started dating he cheated. I forgave him and we moved on and became closer. After all he had no time to cheat after that because we're together 24/7 I'm not joking. Again We're really close but before I left we talked about him cheating and my trust issues. He told me he didn't see anything wrong with having sex with other people and staying together! Wtf I thought after all this time he understood that i wanted a monogamous relationship! I told him that's not what I wanted and he said that he wouldn't because he knows that hurts me but I just can't but feel like he's lying. I love him so much he's my first everything! I feel like if we broke up I'd never find anyone like that relationship that we have, spending all day with each other and being best friends. I don't wanna worry about if he's cheating or if he's taking to someone else, it makes me angry and so unhappy but at the same time I love him, ugh I don't know what to do! 
I ended it but he keeps calling and crying, I feel bad but i pray it's the best thing to do for my sanity and happiness.