Rant-what should I do?

Destiny • Mommy to three beautiful babies...one just happens to watch over me ❤️ Pregnant with my 🌈 due Oct 2020
I am currently 24 weeks pregnant. Saturday I started having tightness on the top of my stomach for 10 seconds every 5-10 minutes. I called my nurse on call and she advised me to go to L&D. I did and they put me on a monitor to check my contractions and I was definitely having contractions frequently. She checked my cervix and I was still high and closed. She sent me home since I wasn't dilated but told me to feel my cervix every 24 hours and see if anything changes. I just went to go check, and sure enough it was really soft, lip like tissue and I can easily slip my finger into my cervix. I called my nurse and told her that it felt a lot softer and stuff and she goes "oh it's probably nothing"?!?!?! Not to mention I've still been having contractions just not as frequent. Ugh I'm so irritated!