Cramp, turned into intense BH

Kristina • Loving Mother. 2 year old baby girl. Baby boy due in March 2016. Happily taken since 9-2010!
Hey all, just curious. Have any of you ladies had a really sharp cramp (like someone stabbed you in your ovaries) and then experienced strong BH contractions ? (They were about 45-60 sec long with less than a min between up to 2 min In between with no real pattern... For almost 2 hours) sure did make my little guy active!  
It happened to me last night. Ended up just putting my feet up for the night and stayed hydrated. It's my second child so I know I wasn't going into labor, and I have an apt tomorrow so I plan to ask my doc tomorrow. 
But I thought I'd ask if any of you have experienced anything like this?
Also, with my last pregnancy I went into preterm labor about this time (29-30 weeks). And had to be put on meds to reduce the BH cause mine are really strong, I'm just hoping to not have to be medicated this time around.