Bad behavior!!

I'm making this anonymous because I'm ashamed of my behavior!  I have turn my attention on another man  rather then my husband.  Now before the bashing goes on this is not a normal behavior of me!  I love my husband very much and we are just having a rough time!  Yesterday was our Anniversary and I didn't feel anything.  He got me a card and the card basically said he is a pain in the butt but I'm a good wife! Really??  I just don't know if I have the strength to continue this roller coaster of a marriage!  We've been together going on 12 years!  This other man has told me he has had the hots for me since I got with my husband.  But I don't think he wants anything serious because he wants me to send him nude photos and of course I didn't but I think he is just horney and wants a piece of ass.  I can't even think about cheating on my husband but I wish he would give me attention the way this guy does!  I'm just miserable and I'm not happy!!  It's not fair to my husband I just think I can find the courage to tell him, although I'm sure he knows.