Idk wtf is going on!

Kristina • Getting married on 6/20/16
So, as I've posted before, I had sticky CM for a couple of days that smelled metallic. But then yesterday, my CM changed 3 times? It went from sticky (had a little of the metallic smell), then a few hours later, it became watery, then a few minutes later is was eggwhite! Today its watery again and I have yet to see if it changes. I've been having AF cramps for like a week and a half now, but nothing. The chances of being pregnant are slim (not ttc). So I dont think its that, but idk. Am I ovulating more than once in the same cycle? Is that even possible? I've never had regular periods but I also have come off of a medication that was screwing with my cycles even more. Idk what to think. Any ideas?