What should I do??

Sonja • Over a yr ttc #5
So on Saturday I woke up everything was fine..went pee about 1030 and was bleeding like I was on my period..was having strong contractions went to l&d only cuz of the bleeding I was having..and they did nothing but hook me up to the monitor for hrs...bleeding finally slowed down while I was there and they sent me home..no blood work or ultrasound..been having horrible cramps since then..and still spotting since i left the hospital..yesterday lost a huge bloody piece of mucus plug and this morning I lost a little piece of bloody mucus plug...just been cramping and loads of pressure..no more contractions..should I go in to have an ultrasound done to make sure placenta is okay? Or just wait for contractions to start and go in full labor? I've never had labor on my own I have had to be induced with all 4 of my girls...so I'm very doubtful that I'll start labor on my own even tho it sounds like my body is trying..