Tired of living with in laws..

So I moved in with my boyfriend a year ago. We live in his parents house. Where we get no privacy whatsoever! I am starting to get completely exhausted, fustrated, and annoyed. I feel like I can't get comfortable enough. Which I wish I could like if it was my own house. But obviously I can't. It's not my house.. I am currently 14 weeks 1 days pregnant and my in laws are annoying. They are always telling me to eat this or eat that that the "baby wants it" okay it's nice and all they're offering me but it just gets annoying. I say no I'm okay. And say thanks. then they start saying how "I need to eat more" this and that. It's annoying. Then they treat my boyfriend like he's a kid. No he isn't. He's an adult, we are saving money for a down payment to get a house, we have our two cars, pay bills etc etc. And when they get mad at him and yell at him they feel the need to pretty much get me "in trouble" as well. I get so mad because it's like damn my own parents don't get me in trouble anymore what makes you think you can!? Like seriously. Then they do not at all respect our privacy. Like any other relationship we argue if they hear they start saying crap to us. And ask why we argue this and that getting all into our business. Which is extremely annoying. Then they get mad at us when we don't go to a family gathering and give us a whole lecture that "we don't do anything" it's like okay we do go out, we just don't always do what you want us to do. Then what has been happening recently is okay we have 2 cars one is mine and the other is my boyfriends. We use one most of the time. One of them is paid off for. The other we are almost done. But they feel the need to ALWAYS take the car we use more even though we told them they can use the other. They still take ours sometimes without our permission. I had to miss an appointment last week because they had our car. Yeah the other one is there but they had the keys to those as well and i have no idea where they put them when they use that car. So that was off the list. Then they use our car and they don't at least put gas, and we always have at least more than half tank all the time. If it's not half tank it's full tank. Anyways when they use it they leave it on empty don't at least put $10 in it. Then we have to go put gas. Sometimes struggle to get to the gas station. I just needed to vent! It sucks keeping things in like this. I feel like I can't tell my boyfriend I feel like he would get mad or something if I tell him about what's bugging me.