Boy Help.):

So me and my boyfriend have been havibg a bit of trouble lately and i just need some advice. My boyfriend and i have been fighting quite a bit lately amd he says i talk and flirt with 2 of his friends when he is right next to me. Which i dont. I can understand from his perspective maybe he might think i am just from a jealous boyfriends point of view. And In the past i cheated on one of my boyfriends. No it wasnt cool at all, I am not proud of it but he holds it against me when we werent even friends. He always tells me im being annoying and ita just so frustrating bc he tells me that when im trying to love on him which he told me he wanted me to do more. And so im just not quite sure what to do kr how to approach it or anything. Idk i dont want this relationship to end but im really afraid it is...):