Am i finally Pregnant?!😱

Hello everybody! I'm kind of freaking out, me and the hubby have been TTC for about 5 months now. My last period was on December 25, and ended on the 29th, which is normal, we had unprotected sex December 30th i started to feel some pregnant symptoms but after have 3 negative test's, your sort of start to ignore it and believe its nothing, being me , i took 2 test and they were both negative. On January 16, i was fertile (22%) we had unprotected sex, A week and 4 days before my period (My period is supposed to start on January 30th),on January 18th, i start to bleed, it was very light not like my period and it wasn't when i peed, only when i wiped, and some on the pantie liner, so i took another test and it was again negative, January 19 it was still light just a little bit heavier. Today January 20th, i woke up and its again very light, like on the 18th. Its practically almost gone, its not always there. I'm starting to get a little worried. its a darkish brown/pinkish color and only occurs when i wipe & on the pantie liner, sometimes there's like a little drop or two in the toilet but that's it,but on the 19th i peed and it was like dark-brownish but that was the only time it hasn't happened since then. i feel really tiered all a sudden (started on the 18th) and i feel very weak. Its not normal for my period to be a weak early, and i don't bleed lightly, it starts off heavy and ends heavy, its always right around if not on the day, one or two days from when glow says its coming. I really just need to know!!! Has anybody else experienced this? Could i finally be pregnant?