Regular AF after MC

My pregnancy started 27th oct and ended in miscarriage on the 1st dec at only 5 weeks, I bled for 9 days and I was horrible. Waiting for my next period seemed like forever, I just wanted it to come and give me some relief, some normality again. The cycle was 29 days. We are trying again, I am currently at CD22. In the middle of my TWW, which is torture. I was very regular before the pregnancy- a 26 day cycle. It seems like it's all over the show now, which I understand. It makes it hard to know much. The app is saying AF is due on the 28th, I usually get sore boobs around this time, but I have no PMS symptoms at all which I find odd.
I have no idea, everything is scrambled. Lol. I guess I will just have to wait! Damnit! I'm so impatient.