Stressed out/upset

CoRinNe♍ β€’ I love u Nina Marie always πŸ’š
Help ugh my only born first baby girl named Nina had passed last June at only 41/2 months and its her birthday on Jan 31st me and my hubby r going to this place called mourning light foundation our funeral home we chose got her name engraved there in stone along with thousands of other Lil babies but as a surprise so we waited this whole time n we finally going... With all of that stress and TTC again even before she was gone god bless her 😯 but its been hard and I finally missed my period and had looked to be implantation bleeding and then having other signs of being preg Lil note I've been pref more then 5 times so I kinda know what its Luke but every pregnancy is diff. And all my tests r coming back negative but my stomach on both sides where my f tubes are r very sore and keep getting cramp like my AF and still nothing its been weeks since the bleeding so my excitement is not worrying there's something wrong but I just had Nina Jan 2015 so I would think I'd b healthy 6 months after they said my body was fine n good to good for more babies but no luck I'm not sure what else I can do I'm still sitting waiting for AF other then that ignoring the twinges n just trying not to think about it till AF I guess sorry I was venting on here but maybe all the stress with my daughter passing idk my therapist said I've come a long way but I'll never b OK πŸ˜•πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’