Need to rant about MIL😡😤

Rashelle • Hailie Rae❤️ Jan/25/2011. Wyatt Spencer ❤️Jan/24/2016
Ok so I'm at a point where I am tired of everyone texting me asking is he here yet? Do we have a baby? How you feeling? Any day now! Oh when I was pregnant... I'm so tired of hearing it lol. My MIL got mad at me because I didn't tell her we went to LD for fauls alarm and she keeps saying you need to tell me when you go up you need to tell me when it's time. Why must she think she needs to know right away?! Do they not realize it could take hours apon hours before he even comes? Let alone after he gets here I go back into surgery to get tubes tied and it takes 30 min and 30 min recovery then I'll be back in my room and honestly when I get back I want time with my baby I want to feed him and spend time with him. I'm happy I get to leave for an hour because daddy gets to spend time with him. It's just making me upset and frustrated people keep asking us to tell them it's like they think they all will be in the room or something. Ummmm negative!! I just want me my fiancé and my mother because with my first she was 7 hours away on the phone with me and I want her to be here for this and to take pictures. I just wish people would understand. I don't even want to tell fb or text anyone when it's time because I want the peace and quiet lol. Let alone after baby is here we won't get into our room for about two hits and to me I think once we are in our room then everyone can come visit but let me get my surgery done let me get cleaned up let us having the baby before you jump to demands ugh! Thanks for listening lol