Patiently waiting on God

It's almost going to be 2 yrs since I got married, but been with my husband for 8 years. 2015 was difficult for me because I found out I have fibroids and cyst on my ovaries. My mom always wondered why I couldn't get pregnant easily likely older sister and I also have a mild case of endometriosis too. I was depressed and made at God for a while, but it took one sermon to remind me that God has a time for everything and in a dream he told me I will be blessed. It's not on my time on when I will carry a child but on his. I am drawing near to Him and recently for the first time my husband and I prayed to be blessed with a baby in due time. I'm praying for patience and preparation to God. This month, my husband and I were active on all of my fertile days following the <a href="">Glow app</a>. I pray that our time will come. I dream to be a mom. I hope all you women who are are may have gone through what I am going through to be blessed. Much love and prayers to all mommy hopefuls.