3rd night this week my DH went hunting with his boys.

He works he comes home with plans! Everyday its something new.first it was night fishing at the beach. Or He has to go to the mechanic to check out the car( his friend) I tell you he goes to the mechanic at least 15-20 times a month. Or he wants to go fishing..or he comes home late cause he went fishing with his Buddy's. I just got him a new gun and i know he is excited to show it off BUT This is the third night this week he has went hunting with his guys. He even made me sleep over at his guy friends house in his bed with this guys wife and son.( the son pee'd the bed and I was PISSED that I didn't have a change of clothes and he had me waiting for hours even though I called and explained) he didn't even get to his friends house until 1 am..now he just comes homes with plans. He doesn't discuss anything with me first...actually I'm the last one to know and if I say NO that makes me the " bad guy" that controls him and won't let him go anywhere. Sorry for this rant. Its just he said he'd be home by 8pm tonight. He has been gone for 6 hours And I just called to see if he has caught anything(no) and he said he'll be home in another hour and a half to two hours... Sad...hormonal.. When he went hunting last night I started crying and he still went. I'm just lonely. I don't work. I just moved put of state so I don't have friends. And all I do is lay down all day and night watching TV waiting for him to get home. :(