So unfortunately all the research I am doing I can't find no answers that will help me ease my mind ! My last period was December 18 and it lasted till December 23, I had unprotected sex December 31st, January 11 and January 18. Now on January 15 was the day I expected AF but it wasn't a normal period AT ALL. The first day I started off with light pink blood I thought it was the start of my period so I put on a tampon when I took it out all I saw was Brown discharge ? 5 to 6 hours later passed and all that I had when I put on a tampon was just pink spotting with light cramps? I went about my day and left my pad there and it didn't fill up. Now the second day January 16 I put on another pad and it was just a medium flow with some clots and lower back pain it didn't hurt much at all. I woke up in the middle of the night (January 17) and didn't have no bleeding at all so I suspected it was done. But later on that day i started spotting again and it was very pink! It was medium flow but not enough to change a pad ( I change it though just to be clean lol) but January 18 I woke up and it was just Brown spotting so I suspected that it was done. I had no bleeding after that but then I had sexual intercourse later on that day, I went to pee and guess what? I was spotting all over again but then it stopped. January 19 I spotted a little bit of blood and then went to brown spotting and I was done for good. But I'm so confused because all pregnancy tests are coming out negative ! :(