But you're not always correct!!!!

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I'm currently 6 months pregnant & it really pisses me off when older ppl think they know everything about pregnancy. No offense. I know that some old remedies or things from the past are true & still works for pregnancy & newborns. I'm not against that. But when you get an attitude because I tell you what I was informed by my doctor is crazy. Like eating certain things, taking certain medicine, or just new overall things. Understand its 2016. The world is constantly evolving & advancing. I'm not saying all doctor are perfect but it's there job to do research & stay informed of things of the medical field. So much has changed over 30 yrs from having a baby, even 5 years. 
No need to get upset. You're knowledge is still valuable but on somethings I trust my doctor more. 
Sorry for the rant. ( thoughts running through my head) 🙄