Is this a miscarriage? Warning! Picture included

I have been on the nuvaring and have been using it to skip my periods. This past weekend I experienced some vaginal pain and thought it might be because of the nuvaring and it being the 4th week I decided to just remove it. I started to spot light pink but then I started having weird fleshy like pieces along with it. Today I went to the bathroom to pee and when I wiped there was this long piece of flesh like thing (pictured below) and a similar one but about 2 inches in size, so about twice the size of the one in the picture. I have so idea if I was pregnant or not so I don't know if this is a miscarriage or not. My boyfriend and I for the past month have been starting intercourse and then stopping and finishing with a condom so I guess there is a possibility of pregnancy even though I have been on the nuvaring. I would really like to know for on women who have miscarried if this is what it looks like and if I should be concerned. I also heard the you can test during a miscarriage to know if you were pregnant. Is this true?