What are your takes on this?

Samantha • Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.
What are your takes on this post? 
Before you read the photos (texts) I'll explain. Yesterday I said to my boyfriend want to go gym or walk or something then watch a film for bit after work? So he said we will go for walk and watch film and chill so I said okay then and then this morning I said what you doing after work and he said nothing really so I thought ohh. And I thought to myself so much for doing what we said but oh well. And for those who think I should of reminded him well I've made SO much effort to make plans since we have been together (nearly 2 years on) so I don't see why I should make effort or even have to remind him over night to be fair so i mentioned it to him on text and I said are we seeing each other tomorrow now and he said yeah so I though oh. (Again) so he said there isn't much to do and I said he could of seen me but changed his mind and so on so he just said this to me. My boyfriend is the grey text and my text is the green reply text. What do you think of his message?