Anxiety about breastfeeding

KP • Mama of two DD 04/14 and DS 03/16. #3 and last due 3/19
So I was unable to breastfeed my daughter longer than 2 months or so. (Late diagnosed tongue tie, poor latch, failure to theive, not producing enough with pumping) and this time I REALLY want to breastfeed. But I'm also getting anxiety about breastfeeding in public. I most likely will do it covered if baby will let me, not that I have an issue with others not being covered, but with so much going on in the media with breastfeeding and it being a hot topic, I'm getting nervous. I'm not a confrontational person and I've heard of people getting grief for even breastfeeding covered. My husband tells me to just tell people to screw off if they say something but I don't know if I could in the moment. Anyone else feel this way?