Asking prayers.

Lynzee • Mommy to Ammarie, born on March 3,2016!
I just drove up on a wreck while leaving the store. Fortunately, an off duty cop was there, and before I could even break out my phone to call 911, an ambulance arrived along with some other cops. 
There was a woman laying on the ground, but I couldn't really see her until they stood her up to help her get on the gurney to go to the hospital. 
It was one of m y best friends pregnant sister. She's about 7 or 8 months, and my friend shortly arrived to the scene and immediately got into the ambulance and they left. However, I texted her letting her know I saw what happened and asked if her sister was ok, she let me know the sister couldn't feel the baby move. 
Just asking prayers, because they wanted this little boy so bad!!