I'm going crazy!

I just don't understand, last Month af showed up 2 weeks early and only stayed for 4 days and was very light.(I'm usually very heavy till day 3 or 4 then slow down till day 7) It would show up for a day and then disappear all day the next day it show up for a few hours (always very light pink blood or old brown blood) then this month it came over a week late and lasted for a few days but it was heavy till day 3 it stopped and was on and off again. I stopped on day 6 and didn't have any thing day 7. Now I'm on cd 9 and I have light pink watery discharge but no cramping or anything and it's when i wipe. How can we concieve if my body is having some kind of meltdown when we start trying? Just needed to rant I guess. It just as soon as I think I know my cycles and start ttc, af decides to go crazy.:/