Does it look like 5 fingers or 6 fingers??

I mentioned it to my sister that I see 6 fingers. She called me back saying it kinda does look like 6 fingers. She sent the photo to my sis which is a nurse at a hospital and she said it looks like 6. She showed the photo to her boyfriend and he said ....yeah it does look like 6 fingers but don't worry cause its not uncommon... I was historically crying. And freaking out. I called my nurse and she said everything is normal and no she only has 5 fingers. Not believing my nurse I call my aunt and she said she already took a look and she said everything is fine and she is sure my nurse would have said something. Idk who to believe. I'm freaking out right now!!! And my sister even told me she couldn't believe how petty I'm being about this. She is still gonna be loved either way. And I know she will but I just never even thought that this could happen to me...and I can't control my tears right now. I just don't know what to think or how to react.

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