I feel like I have no support from my husband.

So I been married to my husband for one year. We moved to a bigger house which means more expensives. He only gets paid the minimum I get pay a bit more. We have 3 months we moved to a two bedroom house cause I have a 9yr old and a 5yr old. Long story short. He gives less then half of the rent and pays only dish and Internet (At&t), and his phone also he sends 80 to his mom out of the country which equals to 830 mine he makes up too 1600 a month. The rent is 1300 so I pay the other 800 plus food,laundry, gas, electricity, my car, insurance my phone bill. He doesn't worry If I have money for all that. I feel like his only with me cause he knows I can on my own or because he has a better life with me. I feel like he only cares about himself and his mom. He doesn't worry if I have food or not on the table nor he goes here's 30 to go buy some food and yet I cook for him everyday and his clothes are washed every monday. Sometimes I just feel his like a roommate. And mine I do love him and I know he loves me too but when it comes to money I feel like iam on my own sometimes I feel like just giving up in the relationship. Any advice girls?