Fed up!

Kay G • I have a 6 year old son and currently pregnant with my 3 technically as lost a baby two years ago. Hoping for a girl!
Ok so I'm 23 weeks and 3 days and my husband works hard for his job he creates programmes and delivers them to members of staff that require training. I have been poorly with kidney and only have one due to kidney disease and its struggling baby is fine but me not so great! Anyway I miss the romance we used to have I miss the kissing and not just pecks I mean kissing kissing that doesn't just lead to sex! I miss then laughing and playing its all bickering and stressyness and not fun to be around each other! Am I being selfish? He does ally round the house ATM to to help he's brilliant but I miss us! And I'm not happy with how our marriage is 😩 I've tried taking and discussing what I need but nothing changes and it hurts that maybe he doesn't want to! And only here for the baby though says he loves me more then anything when he's not moody at me ignoring me???Help 😢