Young girls!

For the young girls on here who are constantly posting "HELP!" Or "I'm this age and I might be pregnant help!" Need to cool it! I get that your in a rush to know what's up and I get that you're scared but there is no need to freak out so much! It only makes things worse. The ladies on here can give you advice on what they think the situation is and they also give the same advice…and that is to tell your parents. I know it's scary and very stressful but if youre adult enough to lay down and make a baby, then act like an adult and tell your parents. It's not easy i get that. But ur parents or whoever your guardian is, is the only person that can really help you and plus why try and hide it? I mean that makes things worse!! So for you girls that think they're pregnant…don't talk to us talk to your parents and face the consequences.