Being a SAHM is depressing

I realized there was a problem when I noticed that I'd leave my folded laundry out and not put it away until after My husband came home. Sounds silly, right? Plain and simple, people don't realize what you do for them unless it's right in front of them. When your husband always come home to a spotless house and clean clothes hanging in his closet and fresh towels always piled high, it's just what it is. He doesn't think about that kind of stuff...he's been busy all day at his real job with real adults having real social interaction and getting real shit done. I was leaving them there just for his few words, "Thanks for doing the laundry." How pathetic is that? I've even written a to-do list for "myself" when really I only wanted him to see how many things I'd crossed off so he'd be proud of me. Someone please slap me!
The truth is, when I see all of these hard working ladies out there complaining about how hard they have it and how some days they just feel like quitting and becoming a housewife so they can "stay home and bake shit," I feel like total crap. Staying home alone and baking shit, because you literally have nothing else to do other than clean is the epitome of lonely. It sucks.
I am so depressed. I feel like my life is completely pointless.