So let's start from the beginning.. My last period was November 23 2015 I have not gotten one since ! My periods are always regular in terms of coming every month the most it's been late is 9 days or so and I would still end up getting it I've gotten 1 fair positive on HPT and negative on the rest with u were dollar tree ones I then went to the doctor and got a negative pee test witch was jan 11 I then was told to come back in two weeks for a follow up if my period did not come fast forward to today I went to the doctor she did a pee test agin and a slight pelvic exam witch she didn't notice anything she didn't use a clamp to open up down there and it lasted less than 5 seconds πŸ˜’ I didn't have to pee when I went so they made me drink a few cups of water and I managed to get out literally a few drops witch came back negative of course but I can't help but believe I am pregnant I can Feel it any way she ordered some blood test none for HGC just hormones and a few other things but she set a ultrasound for Monday 😁😁 witch is good I have had morning sickness headaches and every possible pregnancy symptoms possible besides tender Brest but i do have itchy nipples and I also put on a few pounds and my stomach has definitely changed I can't wait to see what the ultrasound shows so I can really know for sure there's a little one inside of me I'm wishing for the best just wanted to share what I was going through with you ladies ❀️