Ok ladies, need advice asap!

Crystal • Currently a full time student, and mom to two beautiful kids, my son is almost 9 and my daughter is almost 2.
So yesterday I had my membranes swept, I had a little bit of bleeding and  it stopped shortly after, got up this morning and wiped and my toilet paper was clean, here we are in the evening and I've wiped and I have brown discharge, it's not heavy but sticky looking, could this be my mucus plug/bloody show, and I'm having tightening in my stomach but no pain, are these signs I could be getting ready for birth in the next few days, it's a snow storm here tonight and in worried I may need to get to the hospital which is an hour away..
Side note: I've noticed when getting up and walking around I am having more contractions or I say they are Braxton hicks cause the are not painful..