I don't know if I'm pregnant

I'm 17 and my now ex is 19 
Last time we had sex was around 2-3 weeks ago 
I had very very light spotting a week ago for 3 days ... An that's not my regular periods there usually HEAVYY as can be and last for 7 days 
And now my stomach on the bottom hurts every day 
My back is killing me 
Pretty sure I missed my period 
Everything always smells to me 
I get light headed/dizzy easily 
I can't stop peeing?
And my head kills me every morning an I always feel like I'm gonna throw up 
I never took notice to these signs til today 
 😢 I know I need to get a test but I have to much of a strict family an can't get to the store by myself without my mom right behind me at all times 
To remind everyone ..
Yes We had unprotected sex........... The last time we was with each other .......... I'm so scared