A Black Name????

Kara • Kara. 24. Serenity's Mommy. Type 1 Diabetic. & Baby #2 OTW .
Hmph. What in the absolute hell is a BLACK name. My bf & I are still playing with names. & I suggested Ava, we both love the name & made it the ' go to ' if we couldnt agree on anything else. I felt comfortable enough to tell some of my friends the name & they had the AUDACITY to tell me I was trading race because I wont give her a BLACK NAME! I promise if i werent pregnant, I would have fought them. Im sure they'd be pissed if I named her Watermelondrea or Shanquinatalia.... Is that a black name? Because Im SUPER confused & angry. Jesus take the wheel before I crash the car. 😒😫