My week!!

So here's the scoop husband had an s/a done waited week and a half to see doctor to discuss the results. We get into the appointment and she's going through the results and says husband s/a is good only the count is low by 2 million normal range for her is 15 million husband had 13.something so she says okay lets go,ahead with Clomid since I don't ovulate like I should she then says in next breath well i,want you as a couple to go to fertility specialist to get second opinion on husband low count. Then says only if the clinic will take you..the clinic is 2 hours away. She then says i,will come back and talk about Clomid with you and go from there. I feel,as if she is just pushing my case off on someone else and it hit my ugh you see I went and seen her in December to be put on Clomid so I jump through all her hoops to hopefully be put on Clomid but now she wants to send me to a fertility specialist why??...she was more than ready to prescribe them to me 2 years ago..anyways made a few calls last night go into a gynecologist today and she asked me so many questions thumped on my back did blood work and pap smear..but is getting my medical records from other doctor to see all the work up I've had before. I have another appointment with her next week to go over results and hopefully get some answers. I feel so drained from these last two days do u deal with the stress and emotions of ttc? Any encouraging words.