Hubby is being a bit dramatic. Pray for me.

We decided to tell our parents that I'm pregnant. He was hesitant to tell his parents because telling his mom might as well be the equivalent to making the announcement live on prime time television to the entire country. He didnt want to make such a grand announcement because of the fact that we've had to postpone our wedding. My parents have already known for 2 weeks but they didn't want my MIL to feel bad about not knowing at the same time so they pretended not to know anything. Anywho, we finally told his mom 2 days ago, and he told her that my family didn't know yet. We ended up all being at my parents house and she pulled my mom to the side that same day and told her but said "don't say I said it" but it was too late cuz my mom over reacted and screamed out almost instantly "I'm going to be a grandma again". I already knew my mil was beyond excited and going to tell EVERYONE so I didn't stress but he reiterated to his mom how much he didn't want her spreading the news. I've been getting congratulatory messages all day from some of his family and my fiancé is PISSSSED! I told him not to say anything to her but he's so mad. I get his point of view but I also get hers. I'm just trying to stay under the radar so I don't get dragged into an argument between them.