Don't know what to do.

I looked for a correct group to post this in, but none here matched my problem. So I'm just gonna post in here. I'm scared to post this on FB in the private group I'm in. 
I've been friends with a girl for ten years. She's always been a unusual person and most people just don't get a long with her. I've always been able to look over her bluntness and crazy habits. But lately it's increased ten fold and I just can't ignore it any more. And I fear she has finally lost her damn mind. I always knew she has some type of personality disorder and she lies...a lot. I really wish I could describe her here, but it would take 10 pages. She uses men, uses the system. Has been accused of abusing drugs when she's admitted into hospitals. (Pretending to be in more pain than she really is) A nurse accused her of having munchausen by proxy when she had her son. Because she started screaming he had problems from the get go. He is now labeled as having autism.  We lived together for a year and I had to lie a lot to her boyfriend for her. :/ But she also has a lot of good qualities; which is why I'm her friend. 
If I ever needed help burying a body, she'd bring the shovels, lye and red bull. 
Since I've become pregnant she calls and texts all the time. Like a lot. She has called my baby hers a few times. She stated that she wished her ex husband died in Iraq because if he did she wouldn't have money troubles now and she wouldn't have married her second husband(she married him for a place to live) when I said that was messed up and you can't wish for someone's death because it would make life easier her response was she was only married to him for four years. After that I started ignoring her. After a day she texted me that she was pregnant. Just I'm pregnant, and nothing more.  She has fertility problems and has to be on blood thinners and progesterone to hold a pregnancy. In the past as soon as she found out she was pregnant she's went straight to the ER, this time she did not. I found that off. Two days later she texts me out the blue saying I'm losing the baby. Wasn't upset at all. Actually sent me a picture of her smiling with her son. In the past when she would miscarry she would be devastated. And today after not really talking for a few days she texted out the blue that my ex husbands wife texted her. Immediately I called bullshit in my head. There is zero reasons why my ex's wife would text her. None. I played along and asked her what she said. She said my ex's wife asked her if she texted her. That makes zero sense!!! So I asked her to take a screen shot. And surprise, she can't figure out how to do one on an iPhone and I know damn well she can. I even told her how and the texts from her stop. She did it for attention and it's pissing me off. Like how does someone that's says they are your best friend act like this? Especially when she's pregnant. Oh! Also she's been asking over and over if she's gonna be the god mother and it actually be legal. 0_o 
It's hard because I've known her over ten years and I'm the only friend she's had that stuck around. I know she has mental issues and she can't help part of it. But I don't need this stress in my life.