What would you do?

So my boyfriend works at Starbucks & there's this one chick who works with him & he knows I hate her. Since day 1 she was too friendly with him & he has her number & added her on snapchat. He adds most people from work so I didn't care much. He always says they only text if he needs his work schedule or to trade shifts. Yesterday we were talking & he's like babe can I show you something, but don't get mad. So I was like ok & wondering what it could be. He sends me a picture of "I ❤️ Jennifer" written on his arm in a sharpie. I couldn't read it at first & asked him what it was. He said she wrote it on him & at first he thought she was writing his name. In the past I always got mad whenever he talked to her, but then I stopped caring. When I saw that on his hand I got so irritated like wtf is this chick thinking she clearly knows he has a girlfriend. What would you do? 
Update: he always says she's a good friend & used to talk about her so much. It's really annoying & I told him, but he still continues to do it 😕